The Company Provides
For new project (Cement, Solar PV Power & Steel Plant):

  • Investment opportunity
  • Strategic marketing study
  • Market entry & distribution planning
  • Geo-technical investigation (raw materials)
  • Mine Scheduling & Optimization
  • Hydrological investigation (project site)
  • Techno economic feasibility studies.
  • Option analysis
  • Environmental impact assessment/ environmental management planning
  • Pollution Mitigation
  • Complete Engineering of New Plant consisting of Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Instrumentation and Process.
  • Tender specification
  • Vendor selection for supply of equipments.
  • Detailed Project Engineering
  • Structural steel detailing
  • Structural rebar detailing
  • Engineering support & detailing
  • Review Engineering
  • Project Planning & Monitoring Services.
  • Field services in construction, erection & commissioning.
  • Performance guarantee test.
  • Complete Plant Operation & Maintenance.
  • Management Information System
  • Manpower Planning & Human Resource Systems
  • Asset Management
  • Data/ Information Services

additional services rendered for solar pv power plant.

Pre-Installation Services

  • Land Acquisition and Clearance:
  • Grid Connectivity and its Clearances
  • Filling of application with relevant departments
  • Obtaining necessary clearances
  • Preparation of Prefeasibility and Detailed Project Report

Financial aspect of the project:

  • Preparation of bankable project report.
  • Documentation for arranging the project finance.
  • Necessary presentations and meetings with the banks.

Project Commissioning

  • Assistance in signing PPA’s and MOU’s with the government and private agencies
  • Preparation and analysis of tender document
  • Supervision in procurement and installations of all materials
  • Commissioning of the Project

Renewable Energy Certifications

  • Accreditation and registration of RE certificates.
  • Issuance of RE certificates.
  • Getting bank finance even for these volatile commodities.

Solar pv Module Manufacturing

  • Preparation of Prefeasibility and Detailed Project Report
  • Preparation of bankable project report.
  • Documentation for arranging the project finance.
  • Necessary presentations and meetings with the banks.
  • Preparation of tender specification.
  • Identification of resources.
  • Review of Tender.
  • Supervision of Erection and Commissioning etc.

Services for Existing operating plants (Cement, Solar PV Power & Steel Plant):


  • Initial Due Diligence
  • Due Diligence during Project Execution
  • Due Diligence during Plant Operations
  • Recommendations for improving performance.
  • Problem identification related to process.
  • Increase plant availability.
  • Preparing maintenance schedule.
  • Energy audit.
  • production cost Reduction / Optimization.
  • Specific Consumption Reduction/ Optimization of Raw Materials.
  • Identification of Source for Critical Spares and Consumables.
  • Plant Performance Optimization.
  • Expansion & Modification of existing plants for higher production, less consumption of inputs and increase productivity & profitability.
  • Up Gradation of Pollution Control Equipments in accordance with latest Environment Protection Norms / Standard.
  • Mining operations enhancement
  • Logistics
  • Inventory management
  • Management Information System
  • Manpower Planning & Human Resource Systems
  • Asset Management
  • Data/ Information Services

Why Research & Technology Development only?

The techno economic feasibility report prepaid by VATSS for new project on turnkey basis consist the following:


  • VATSS will suggest the suitable plant location out of the various locations indicated by client. While suggesting the suitable plant location the proximity to Raw Materials, availability of infrastructure etc will be kept in view.


  • VATSS will prepare specifications of Raw Material required for Sponge Iron / Cement production and indicate possible sources of supply for the plant.


  • VATSS will examine the economics and the feasibility report of bulk transportation of Raw Materials from the sources to the plant by road or by railways and their sensitivity to the Raw Material landed cost.


  • VATSS will obtain the offer and examine the economics, quality and specifications of the plant equipments to be installed.


  • For the location selected VATSS will prepare plant general layout indicating position of production units and auxiliary facilities. While developing the plant general layout rational flow of incoming and outgoing materials and also provision for future expansion of the plant will be kept in view,. The layout and facilities would be developed so as to allow for installation of additional modules.


  • VATSS will furnish the requirement of electrical power and utilities such as water, fuel, etc along with suitable distribution system. Service facilities such as repair and maintenance shop, storage sheds, laboratory and ancillary buildings will also be indicated.


  • VATSS will prepare brief specification and invite offers, evaluate the offers and negotiate the prices in front of the customer.


  • Based on selected plant location and proposed equipment to be installed, VATSS will prepare the estimated cost of the project.


  • Based on lead time for procurement of major equipments, steel, cement etc, VATSS will prepare a tentative implementation schedule in the form of a bar chart.

(J) MANPOWER requirement

  • Based on the selected process and facilities provided VATSS will work out manpower requirement for the plant, and will also work out the salary considering the prevailing rates of various categories of personnel to arrive at the labor component of the production cost.


  • VATSS will work out the preliminary production cost of finish products covering the cost of Raw Materials, Consumables, Electricity, Labor and Supervisory Charges, Overheads, Interest and Depreciation charges etc


  • VATSS will submit the complete civil & structural drawings for in plant buildings and structures, plant layout, schematic drawings, and all equipment drawings.


  • VATSS will float the enquiries for all equipments to the Vendors / Suppliers and collect the offers from Vendors / Suppliers and submit to customer for further action.


  • VATSS technocrats will be visiting the manufacturer’s works whenever it is required for inspection of equipments.


  • VATSS technocrats will be available at site for monitoring & supervision of site activities.


  • VATSS after completion of project will operate the plant for a mutually agreed period on full capacity and hand over the plant to customer.

(Q) Training

  • VATSS will also train up customer’s personnel during commissioning.

(R) Annual Maintenance Contract

  • VATSS may under take full operation & maintenance contract of the plant on annual contract basis.

(S) Conclusion

  • VATSS will provide the customer whatever they need. To provide the best services up to the full satisfaction of customer or even beyond their imagination is the sole motto of VATSS.