A technical audit is the ideal way to obtain an independent assessment of the health and wealth of a cement/Steel/Power industry, identifying bottlenecks and opportunities for improvement.

A technical audits involves the detailed examination of the operating records and data of a Cement/Steel/Power industry over the preceding years. From this operational performance indexes are calculated and compared with the international performance benchmarks for similar factories, kilns and processes.

However, a technical audits goes further. The examination of the records is carried out on-site and the underlying causes for any shortfall in performance are immediately investigated as part of the technical audit process. The aspects of the operation where improvement efforts should be focused are identified and recommendations on potential improvement projects are included in the technical audit report.

It is important that all the five M’s (Men, Materials, Machines, Maintenance and Management) are used optimally. Very often, Top Management slips to notice the problems related to the optimization of the five M’s and the influence on the production process goes unnoticed. TECHNICAL AUDIT enables the management to diagnose the problems, and helps in dissolving the economic hurdles.

The broader area of VATSS’s Technical Audit Service is:

  • Productivity
  • Cost Optimization
  • Loss Prevention

A technical audit therefore enhances performance investigation of the project and produces immediate results.